My projects

Portfolio website

The website you're currently viewing.

A website coded in basic HTML, Sass and JavaScript. Planning to add more content + some administration and content editation in the future.

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Tags: Website, HTML, Sass, JS

YouTube Video Downloader

C# desktop GUI interpretation for the youtube-dl CL tool.

This is C# app built with Windows Forms Applications.

I implement Google's YouTube API for C# to view information about the video you are downloading. Then I install and use for the user FFmpeg for converting videos to other formats, etc. and youtube-dl for the downloading. User can choose location, quality and much more.

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Tags: Desktop, C#, WFA

Learn It!

Website with learning resources for students built with React.

I use React + few React libraries alongside basic HTML and Sass. I plan to make backend + database for the site, because I feel even though it may not be the greatest idea, it's really good learning project for me.

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Tags: Web, HTML/CSS, React

School schedule editor

C# desktop GUI for editing my school's schedule.

Me and my schoolmate Jan Kollar have been working on this as part of our project hours. It is supposed to be upgraded version of current editor. It will take advantage of easy to use UI + drag and dropping. Due to reasons it is not open source, but probably will be when it's done.

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Tags: Desktop, C#, WFA