Jan Maruscak

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Software developer


I'm a 18 years old developer from Czech Republic who started programming in high school and I love it so far.

I love to build desktop apps with C# or web apps with .NET and React.

I also enjoy learning and coding all kinds of algorithms.

Since the start of quarantine I became a fan of chess. I really like it because it helps me during boring online lessons (maybe keep this between us).

When I was younger I used to play hockey and football at my local teams but I stopped and now I only play them for fun. I also love skiing and I recently started working out and running.

On the last note, I watch movies and tv shows (anime too). I really like Interstellar, Mr. Robot and Death Note.


Languages: C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS (Sass), Python

Frameworks: React, Vue

Tools: Jetbrains Rider, VS Code, Visual Studio, Figma

Others: MongoDB, MSSQL



For operating system I have always used Windows (currently Win 10), but currently I'm slowly learning and transitioning towards Linux by dual booting with Ubuntu.

I code mostly in Visual Studio Code, but for C# I usually switch to Visual Studio community.


I have both desktop PC and notebook. I have previously used my desktop pc mainly for gaming, but now because I'm not playing so much anymore I use it mainly as my home workstation.

My notebook is HP Omen 15-ce014nc which is my goto device when I'm in school or somewhere else than home.